Talent is our greatest strength

AIM is a truly unique collective of some of the most talented people in our industry. Each member of the team brings a wealth of experience, passion and innovation to each and every project adventure.

Richard Linsay

Richard Lindsay

Director / Head of Creative

Richard has creatively driven more than 40 signature projects
on the world stage. Richard’s experience has been forged from a design and motion background, where technology has always played an influential role in creative developments. This combination of design, creativity and technical know-how has been the building blocks for the ambitious projects that followed.

"Our value and our reputation should not rely on past work. As comforting as these experiences are, we’ll ultimately be judged on the work we have not even created yet. What’s in motion stays in motion. This is what motivates us."

Richard’s vision for the company is to establish AIM as a world recognised force in the realm of Creative Projects, with each project being a one of a kind.

  • Jonny Old

    Jonny Old

    Head of Design


    A true craftsman with over 20 years in the industry, Jonny brings artistic strength and creative strategy to our team. His multidisciplinary talents and swift design skills across internationally-renowned shows continue to gain him respect both within AIM and the greater design community.

    Jonny led the charge as creative director for a print and branding design agency in London before shifting to a new role in Australia, where he joined the world of live events, ceremonies, and building projections. For the last 11 years, Jonny's knack for originating powerful imagery and story-telling has steadily raised the bar for some of the world's biggest brands and high profile events.

    At AIM, Jonny is a solid source for clear direction and compelling vision with a keen eye toward the big picture, ensuring our work retains a level of quality that not only moves audiences but captivates them throughout each phase.

  • Stella Carmody

    Stella Carmody

    Executive Producer


    With an extensive background in the creative industries and arts management for live performance, events, and film, Stella is a seasoned expert managing all aspects of our projects from concept development through to final delivery.

    At AIM, our clients benefit from Stella’s international experience and cultural insight from her 13 years working within the Australian, Middle Eastern, and Chinese markets. Her previous roles for reputable brand and communications companies have included head of film and multimedia for Avantgarde Brand Services China and senior producer for Avantgarde in Dubai.

    As Executive Producer, Stella’s unwavering focus, organisation, and full understanding of the collaborative process allows our team to successfully develop and deliver bespoke creative projects for each of our clients.

  • Matt Lock

    Matt Lock

    Head of Motion Design


    Established in the world of motion, Matt remains a grounded veteran at AIM with his ability to self-direct, design, and animate back-to-back chapters of content. His polished style and incredible sense of timing are distinct marks of his original pieces which have been experienced by millions across the globe.

    Matt began designing in his formative years, consumed with learning After Effects to pursue his hobby of filming and editing skate videos. His work soon caught the attention of a local creative agency where his future was forged with Richard Lindsay as his mentor, shaping and guiding his knowledge and skillset to develop something beautiful out of nothing with rhythmic colour and flow.

    For over 15 years, Matt has consistently remained ahead of the curve discovering new tools and applications to design emotionally engaging imagery. As Head of Motion Design, our team relies on Matt’s ability to not only prioritise the right moments of a piece, but ensure they are built throughout the content, while sustaining the level of detail, suspense, and elegance audiences enjoy and remember.

  • Alex Zaloudek

    Alex Zaloudek

    Head of 3D


    With exposure to the world of animation, Alex pursued a path in broadcast design where his ingenuity for 3D was born. For the next 15 years, Alex dedicated himself to the craft and his personal handiwork featured on major Australian broadcasting networks such as the ABC, Channel 9, and Network Ten.

    A diligent master of modelling and animation, Alex is instrumental to our projects on both the design front and technical approach. His sharp eye for detail, extensive knowledge of 3D, and logical solutions to complex challenges make him our team’s go-to man and he has fast become the 3D rock at AIM.

  • Robbie Klaesi

    Robbie Klaesi

    Head of Production


    Robbie’s true forte is working in the heart of the action, ensuring delivery of each project no matter what its unique technical requirements are. As a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) with a theatrical background spanning over 20 years, Robbie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience staging world-class live events, ceremonies, and projection projects.

    At AIM, our team relies on Robbie’s operational strength onsite with clients, facilitating communication and bridging the gap between the technical and creative to preserve the integrity of each project. Cognisant and full of charisma, he stays up to speed across all segments and his expertise in lighting, sound, and choreography provides solutions to the various challenges arising from bespoke productions.

    Prior to specialising in live events, Robbie was Technical Manager at the City of Sydney responsible for the technical design and execution of Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations including its millennium celebration, and has previously received a Green Room Award nomination for his work on the famed Broadway musical Hairspray.

  • Caterina Vicaretti

    Caterina Vicaretti

    Creative Director


    Caterina’s art direction sparks energy and fresh creative edge into our projects, often becoming AIM’s most treasured works. As former creative director of design company Emerald City, Caterina brings over 20 years of industry knowledge and a personal portfolio of award-winning productions for multiple high-end VFX projects.

    A rich history in set design and sculpture forms the foundation of Caterina’s reputable hands-on methodology which builds upon designs and movement, evolving the brief to consider every angle from the viewer’s perspective.

    At AIM, our team draws upon Caterina’s multidisciplinary experience to develop our projection-based work which often combines stage performance and animation. Her sincere consideration of the audience helps ensure that our projects reach their full creative potential and consistently deliver remarkable experiences.

  • Ray Kristianto

    Ray Kristianto

    Creative Technologist


    Raygun. Raymagic. The Freak. Of the endless endearing nicknames attributed to Ray, the most common one by which he is known among our team, clients, and dozens of industry peers alike is this – genius. His technical brilliance and stunning artistry extends beyond the 3D realm in which he works, and his signatory style continually elevates our projects to new heights.

    A naturally academic student, Ray pursued studies in civil engineering and after one year, decided to explore a completely different avenue in the arts. It was at Billy Blue College of Design that Ray’s passion for 3D animation was ignited, and in the years following, he won the qualifier for Cut&Paste’s annual Digital Design Tournament, leading him to compete in the final eight, representing Australia at the live showcase in New York City. From there, he gained exposure to numerous creative agencies, kick-starting his career in 3D.

    Ray leads through constant collaboration and his thirst for knowledge and rapid implementation of new technology continues to shape and influence our team’s work, empowering us to create with efficiency and meet the increasing visions of our clients.

  • Olivia Beale

    Olivia Beale



    Olivia's career has spanned everything from pitching and delivery to designing screen content for an array of locations and occasions, camera shot video, interactive installations and motion graphic based productions for clients of all scales.

    With a Masters in Digital Media and a solid background in film production, 2D and 3D motion graphic animations, Olivia’s ability to work collaboratively with various creative and technical teams means she’s consistently delivering content on brief, on budget and on time.

    Olivia's intuitive ability to think creatively, as well as her passion for storytelling, ensures AIM continues to deliver work of an outstanding and unique nature.

  • Annie Meister

    Anna Meister

    Senior Designer


    As a former creative director and college instructor, Anna possesses a wellspring of intellect from which her compelling concepts flow. A wealth of international experience gives her concepts a far-reaching, multicultural basis.

    Her original methods were recognised by the esteemed Billy Blue College of Design where she taught courses on ideas generation and design fundamentals for three years. Anna’s work has also featured across the Sydney Harbour for the historic 100th anniversary of the entry of the first Royal Australian Navy fleet.

    At AIM, our team relies on Anna’s strength in developing initial designs, looks, and frames for pre-production and proposals. Her work maintains a level of integrity in her ideas and her approach to storytelling is evidence of 20 years experience and studies in theatre, script writing, and
    design for performance.

  • Dan Burke

    Dan Burke

    Experience Designer


    Dan is a senior communications professional with 20 years experience, developing creative concepts and experiential productions for prestigious cultural institutions and international corporate clients. His extensive knowledge of spatial design and ability to combine narrative, creative, and technical thinking has materialised into powerful immersive installations and theatre experiences both locally and abroad.

    Along with Dan’s diverse experience, his specialty areas of concept development, installation design, and technical scoping have proven to be a valuable addition to our team’s pursuit of delivering creative experiences to audiences around the world.

  • Rahul Saraiya

    Rahul Saraiya

    3D Artist


    As a student, Rahul’s artistry and talent were manifested through his captivating designs and personal short film, garnering the attention of esteemed creative agencies and launching his career into the world of 3D.

    Now with 7 years experience and a master’s degree in Film & Animation, Rahul brings his diverse range of 3D skills to our team, and his refined techniques in lighting are evident across our various large-scale projects.

  • Tess Boughton

    Tess Boughton

    3D Artist


    With 8 years experience and an impressive portfolio of work spanning projects from commercial advertising to feature films such as The Avengers and Captain America, Tess is an essential member of our 3D team. With a passion for Illustration and 2D Animation, her personal projects which include creating short animations and children’s books demonstrates her continued capability to take ownership of new challenges.

    Highly skilled and self-driven, Tess has embraced the AIM culture, seamlessly pushing her work to new heights and consistently delivering the quality results our clients expect.

  • Chris Zwar

    Chris Zwar

    Senior Motion Designer


    At a time when desktop computers were considered cutting edge technology, Chris was one of the first to students to use a non-linear video system at Deakin University. From this introduction, he secured an editing job at a Melbourne-based production company where he spent 8 years developing experience and knowledge using Adobe’s After Effects. Following that time, he moved to London and freelanced as a specialist, working on events and conferences for some of London's largest companies.

    Back in Sydney, Chris plays a critical role on our team, managing the very detailed and technical challenge of organising and processing the thousands of frames required for final delivery. At AIM, he also contributes to our work with his motion graphics talents and exhaustive knowledge of all things After Effects.

  • Kelly Turner

    Kelly Turner

    Technical Operations Manager


    Engineering and maintaining a sophisticated network of complex systems is one small part of Kelly’s vital role at AIM. His methodical skills extend beyond managing servers, and include brainstorming with our creative team to source and test new technology, constantly pushing the envelope with our work aiming to strengthen our technological capabilities. From these collaborations, our 2 THz CPU render farm was born. More recently this has been augmented with over 56,000 CUDA cores for GPU rendering.

    Inquisitive, ambitious, and self-taught from a young age, Kelly has over 20 years of technical knowledge and experience. He started his career as a finished artist for Sydney-based branding company Momentum World Wide, as well as managing their IT infrastructure. After joining the IT department at powerhouse ad and PR agency Ogilvy, Kelly became their IT Manager for several years before heading up the IT department at Spinifex Group.

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