Talent is our greatest strength

AIM is a truly unique collective of some of the most talented people in our industry. Each member of the team brings a wealth of experience, passion and innovation to each and every project adventure.

Richard Linsay

Richard Lindsay

Director / Head of Creative

Richard has creatively driven more than 40 signature projects on the world stage. Richard’s experience has been forged from a design and motion background, where technology has always played an influential role in creative developments. This combination of design, creativity and technical know-how has been the building blocks for the ambitious projects that followed.

After heading up the creative endeavours of the Spinifex Group from 2000 to 2015, Richard decided it was time for a new challenge in the form of this specialist company, Artists in Motion.

Our value and our reputation should not rely on past work. As comforting as these experiences are, we’ll ultimately be judged on the work we have not even created yet. What’s in motion stays in motion. This is what motivates us.

Richard’s vision for the company is to establish AIM as a world recognised force in the realm of Creative Projects, with each project being a one of a kind.

  • Jonny Old

    Jonny Old

    Art Director

    Jonny’s artistic and design talents have been the cornerstone of much of AIM’s renowned projects. With over 19 years in the design industry Jonny has been the Art Director on some of the biggest screen and projection projects both nationally and internationally.

    His conceptual and design talents are highly valued both within the team and the greater design community. Jonny is a true craftsman at his work, an outstanding talent, and the backbone of AIM.

  • Ray Kristianto

    Ray Kristianto

    Head of 3D

    3D is not a technical craft, it’s an artistic one. At least this is what Ray has always believed. His technical grasp in the 3D realm is a given, but it’s his artistry that truly sets him apart. Ray’s pursuit for truly unique creations is a major asset to the AIM team.

    Ray’s signatory style has spanned both the commercial sector as well as a myriad of creative projects across the globe.

  • Stella Carmody

    Stella Carmody

    Executive Producer

    After several years producing within the Australian, Middle Eastern and Chinese markets, Stella now manages all projects for AIM, from concept development through to final delivery, where she finds true inspiration from the collaborative process that occurs on each and every project.

    With an extensive background in the creative industries and arts management covering live performance, experiential, and film, Stella has worked for brand and communications companies, arts organisations, film festivals, and production companies.

  • Caterina Vicaretti

    Caterina Vicaretti

    Art Director

    Caterina brings a wealth of experience and flair to the AIM team. Caterina is no stranger to leading teams of all sizes in major productions and her creative skills are equalled by her wonderful demeanour.

    Caterina’s creative direction signifies many of AIM’s most treasured works and AIM is very fortunate to have such a talent on our side.

  • Robbie Klaesi

    Robbie Klaesi

    Head of Production

    Robbie’s true forte is working right in the heart of the action ensuring delivery of each project no matter what its unique technical requirements are.

    Robbie has been involved in large-scale stadium events, theatre productions, and bespoke projection projects around the globe for over 20 years. Robbie’s combination of technical know-how and creative thinking, and his commitment to the job at hand ensures each and every project makes its mark.

  • Alex Zaloudek

    Alex Zaloudek

    Senior 3D Artist

    Having learnt his craft at a very young age, Alex followed in his father’s footsteps into the world of animation. Starting out in broadcast design, he soon honed his craft and skill in 3D animation.

    Alex has spent over 15 years working on a myriad of projects that have been showcased across the globe and has fast become the 3D rock at AIM.

  • Annie Mangen

    Annie Mangen

    Associate Producer

    Since joining Artists in Motion, Annie has quickly become an integral part of the team in her role as Associate Producer.

    Annie's experience spans large scale stadium events, ceremonies and festivals, as well as film, music, and arts projects across Europe, Australia, and North America. Annie has worked on projects for several top festivals and brands, including Sydney Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, London Fashion Week and was previously involved in the production and scenic design of music videos in both London and New York.

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